Jacksonville Full home inspection

Whether you’re a home buyer or home seller, you will need a Full Home Inspection to determine evidence of any structural or other problems well in advance of the closing date.  Certain items may be visually obvious, but the experts at Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals are able to detect the hidden issues and unnoticed damage that other companies might miss.

Our detailed checklist includes hundreds of items that the Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professional will thoroughly investigate as part of a Full Home Inspection.  The effects of wear and tear, severe weather, substandard construction methods or materials, incompetent engineering, and damage from pests are all included.  As part of the inspection process, our experts are happy to answer questions and welcome your participation.  The inspector will answer questions and explain or clarify any findings.

All parties will receive a comprehensive report delivered electronically and securely.  Our reports also feature high resolution photography to illustrate any problems…or lack thereof.  At Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals, we use only the best technology and latest methods to prepare an extensive and detailed report of our expert’s findings.


  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$
    More money in your pocket.  A Wind Mitigation Inspection from Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals can provide the assessment homeowners need to save up to 60% on homeowners insurance premiusm, on the forms insurance companies require!


    Many Jacksonville homeowners qualify for savings on their homeowners insurance policies, yet they are not aware of these discounts and don’t know how to take advantage of Florida law.  If your home includes certain features and construction methods which make it more wind resistant, you may be eligible for these credits.  With a Wind Mitigation Inspection from Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals, you can find out more about how to qualify

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?
    Mitigate losses on older homes.  On homes older than 25 years, insurance companies may require a Four Point Inspection to analyze the condition of the residence.  With Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals, homeowners and insurers get accurate results…fast!


    Insurers of Jacksonville homes that exceed 25 years may require a Four Point Inspection in order to issue a homeowners insurance policy.  As such, Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals provide an expert assessment of an aging home’s roof, plumbing components, electrical system and HVAC.  Since these are the systems that are likely to develop weaknesses over time, insurers want to know their condition to determine the risk of loss.  A Four Point Inspection from Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals will ascertain whether these four points are in compliance with local building codes and adequate to support the household.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: What you can’t see.  Your home’s roof can contain problems that are dangerous for the inhabitants, yet difficult to spot for the average homeowner.  A Roof Inspection from Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals can identify problems and offer advice on repairs.



    When a Four Point Inspection uncovers wear and tear that affects a roof’s safety, an insurance company will often require a Roof Inspection.  This is a more comprehensive investigation into the structural integrity and sustainability over time.  Plus, a Roof Inspection will include recommendations as to how preventative maintenance measures and upgrades can help increase stability and safety.  Scheduling a Roof Inspection with Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals is an excellent way to ascertain this important feature of home before a severe weather event causes damage.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: Even the playing field.  Buyers and sellers come to the table with opposing interests in a real estate transaction.  A Full Home Inspection from Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals gives an unbiased assessment of a home’s condition.



    The sale or purchase of a home is likely the most important transaction that many Americans will undertake during their lifetime, both financially and emotionally.  Therefore, it only stands to reason that a Full Home Inspection to analyze and examine the service life and stability of the home’s major systems is necessary for both buyer and seller.  For a buyer, taking possession of a residence with numerous problems is an agonizing distraction that interferes with enjoyment.  Sellers can be negatively impacted by foregoing a Full Home Inspection because they don’t have an accurate idea of their home’s fair market value.  Scheduling a Full Home Inspection with Jacksonville Wind Inspection Professionals early in home purchase negotiations benefits both parties and helps them better realize expectations.